In other news…

So, after much cajoling by family members and friends who love the feel of a physical book in their hands I decided to give you that option for First, I Love You. Behold:

Coming soon, via CreateSpace. Hopefully we will all be happy with the end product as, obviously, I’ve never used a POD before.

Anyhoo, that sales rank on the digital version is kinda sad, but in my defense, I’ve been writing and editing more than I’ve been promoting, and I really think that has to take priority right now.

Speaking of which, here’s a little snippet from Second of All (unedited):

Once they’d reached the living room, Seamus took out a pipe made of glistening rosewood. Its entirety, except for the inch portion that would rest in a person’s mouth, was intricately carved in a twisting woven knot work pattern. Seamus handed the pipe to Mickey and Mickey took it, wondering what it meant.

Seamus sat on the blanket covered chair by the large console television Mickey’s great uncle Bruno had given Mickey’s father. Mickey twirled the pipe in his fingers and let the silence stretch. The feel of the wood in his hands seemed to keep his mind blissfully free of thoughts, the act of tracing the interwoven lines making his fingertips vibrate with an energy he couldn’t explain.

“Tis yours. Made it fer ye. Yer man of d’family now, time to put childish tings away,” Seamus said softly from the chair.

“Can you teach me how to carve like this?” Mickey found himself saying as if it were any normal day. As if today weren’t the day his father had died, the day his hopes of going to college like none in his family had before him died, the day his childhood died.

“Aye. That and more,” Seamus replied enigmatically.

Intriguing? Confusing? Exciting? I’d love to know what you think. 🙂

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