There’s nothing more important than family

especially when they leave you alone…

People often compare writing to childbirth and it’s true that there is a huge cathartic relief to getting an idea that’s been festering in your brain out on paper (or pixels as the case may be). But likewise, when life gets in the way it’s like Braxton-Hicks contractions sending you to the hospital only to be sent home, tired and disappointed.

That’s what last week was like for me. It seemed like all the other hats I had to wear were preventing me from getting the time to wear the writer hat. And I am convinced there is nothing more frustrating than not being able to complete a thought due to constant interruptions. It leaves you with this sense of scatter-brained impotence. That’s the danger of being a one woman band. I’m a mother, housekeeper, friend, community member, ad hoc nurse to sick children, wife, daughter, sister, apparently on every political phone list known to mankind, AND writer, editor, promoter.

But sometimes you need that certain special someone in your life to remind you that the very connections (wife, mother, etc) that spread you thin are there to help you when you are stretched too thin.

Yesterday my husband (possibly for his own sanity’s sake due to having to live with my constant moaning) took all distractions but the sick kid away for an entire afternoon and evening, and bribed said sick kid into leaving his mother alone with Star Wars movies and games allowing me to get not only some writing done but some editing and … the biggest shocker of all … READING!

I feel like I gave birth to triplets!

Huzzah! … Drinks all around … I just might get this sequel out by January after all!


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