Social Networking: About as exhausting as childbirth

Nah, I kid… (bahdumpbump)

Okeydokey, to your right is a new SubPage of the First, I Love You tab called FILY Quotes, where you can have a chapter by chapter snippet from the book, as previously shared on Facebook.

You will also find a new page called More about the Downey Trilogy which will contain little facts about all the characters, and not just the main six of the trilogy.

I also joined — actually I had previously joined and forgotten entirely I had joined (That’s so Gen!) — Networked Blogs which I guess aggregates all the different social media I am on. I kind of thought that’s what WordPress does here on this site, but heck whatever, whatever, the more exposure the merrier … oooh look at that, another unintentional reference to childbirth. Freud would be so proud.

Happy clicking my friends! And keep spreading the word, birds… without you, Indie authors cannot survive. You are like the doula, midwife and nurse to our little book-birthing process … to beat the childbirth theme to its last bloody twitch…

Lawd … is it 5:00 yet? ;P

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