Desperately seeking another me…No really. Anyone want to check out some of these sites for me?

The list of blogs I need to read and get the book out to grows and the neverending task of self promotion is so overwhelming. I know other authors who would never admit that (‘Never let them see you sweat, Gen!’) but I ain’t a feared of saying … oooohh this is why people get agents. LOL Between writing, editing, promoting, house projects, community events and parenting it’s amazing my bitch-o-meter is only at a dull purr lately. (Yes, seriously, this is me at low key.)

In other news, “First I Love You” is now available FREE to all Libraries from my distributer Smashwords. Yippee! I LOVE libraries! Super happy to support cyber-lending!

Have a happy hump day, fellow humans!

Savvy Writers & e-Books online


For your book to sell, you need to create the demand. You need an audience, a platform – which you will get when your book is showing up on many websites and forums, visible to readers. Make it a habit to submit your book to at least 2-3 websites a day.  Don’t forget to post links to them on Google+, Twitter, FB, Tumblr, StumpleUpon, LinkedIn,, Pinterest … whatever social media you are signed up.  In one month you will have your book on all of these listed sites and you will see a difference in sales:
1. Goodreads
Use your free membership to promote yourself and your books. Reviews are essential and reviews on Goodreads site help your book to really stand out to millions of visitors.

2. Wattpad
Wattpad has experienced explosive growth since its inception and has become the world’s most popular destination to publish…

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  1. Oops, I’ve already submitted a request to my library using the info on Amazon. When I check out kindle books I get directed to Amazon. Anyhows, I haven’t received the we don’t want this book email so, I think they’ll get it. When they do you should set up an interview with Greg’s tv station. I’m sure they can do some sort of Skype thing. I reminded him about it yesterday and this morning he woke me up asking for the title again. So, he’s talking it up at the tv station already. What else can I do?


  2. Fantastic! Greg sent me an inbox and I will follow up. A TV interview would be HUGE!Right now I need a feel for what sites to send the book to for reviews. If it’s one that needs a direct submission from me I will get on that if it’s one like The Reader’s Nook then it requires a fan like you submitting the book as a recommended read. That helps IMMENSELY! I am also thinking of doing a book discussion at my library. Since I can’t do a book signing with a digital release I can do a round table (bring your tablet or laptop, all who aprticipate get a free copy). If this takes off I can do more, cyberly speaking.


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