You Make Me Think Faulknerian Thoughts

by Genevieve Dewey

I hate how you don’t see

It must be the forbidden fruit, you say

My God did I just ask

Did I

Yes hush hush stop thinking

think that

Of course you did, it’s natural, you say

To think to want but not really

It’s the forbidden

Yes, that must be

the hush the blush the oh don’t stop

But my mind rebels

I can see that, you say

I don’t really want it I just want

You want it

to think it

Do you see what I mean

Oh stop stop stop thinking

No I see the hushed blush, you say

The held breath

Oh God but if I just don’t say it

Then it doesn’t count

no one has to hear it

Except in your mind, you say

I don’t really want to be

There we can’t, you say

your fruit

Here we can, you say

we can’t you see I don’t want to

I wasn’t asking, you say

Oh oh oh oh


I see…


Copyright 2013 by Genevieve Dewey, All Rights Reserved


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