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By Genevieve Dewey

I can feel the cool smooth satin across my face

Soothing the hot tracks of my tears

My eyes closed, lips parted

You begin

Your hot breath next to my neck



The tight painful tug of my hair as you close the knot

Then darkness



My thoughts spin, whirl, twirl, struggle, fight

Like the wings of a butterfly


Beneath two strong unyielding fingers

I struggle, not to be free

But because the release will be ever sweeter

Then with each loop, each cinch, each gasp

I let go…


In your words

They loop around me

Entangle me

Snare me

Free me in my captivity

For I am no longer a prisoner to my doubts

My fears

My worries

My inadequacies

I am soaring free in the stillness

Where I cannot speak, cannot move, cannot think

I only hear


Your body and lips speak

Telling me

I am a woman, a mother, a friend, a lover

That and so much


Each knot bound

It is not taking it is giving

A gift of peace, of stillness

The freedom to hear

Your words

They are as much a part of me as the marks

The marks I no longer see as imperfections

The marks from the growth of life

The marks your seed left on me, inside of me, outside of me

I no longer worry I am not pretty enough

Young enough

Firm enough

Tight enough

Good enough

I am soaring free

To see

I am me

I am yours

You remove my blinders and I can hear

The words

In your eyes

The words

Your firm strong lips soon speak

I am yours

You are mine

Forever bound in love

Where I am free to just be


These are the only words that matter.


Copyright 2012 by Genevieve Dewey, All Rights Reserved

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