Gen’s Most Frequently Asked Questions


1. Do you know any mobsters in real life?

Why on earth would I answer that question if did?

2. Why do you love the FBI?

What is not to love about the FBI? *waves*

3. Do you know it’s rude to answer a question with a question?

Yes, though, useful and sometimes necessary. And also, Socrates found it educational.

4. Why do you live in Nebraska if you love Chicago so much?

Because I was raised here and the man I love (that’s my husband) would rather stick hot pokers in his eyes while listening to Yanni on loop than live in Chicago. Love requires sacrifice. He, in turn, puts up with my hatred of Sonic Youth and Westerns, and gives outstanding foot rubs on a  regular basis.

5. Do you really drink your whiskey straight up?

Yes. Yes, I do. And sometimes in cocktails, like a Manhattan or an Old Fashioned. I also drink vodka straight sometimes, but prefer Martinis, with at least three olives. I’m a dirty girl. *wink* The key is, I drink nothing but the best. Never try and drink the cheap stuff straight. yech.

6. Why do you write fiction when you have a Master’s in Anthropology?

Well, first, because I love writing fiction, and second, because there’s not a plethora of jobs for Anthropologists in rural Nebraska.

7. Do those Louboutins and that gun in your avatar pic belong to you?

Yes! My Loubis are my favorite of my designer high heels and my .22 was a birthday present from my husband. Yes, I know how to shoot it and quite accurately. My husband likes to laugh and call it my “little target practice toy” as he would never own anything so low-caliber.

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