A #poetry excerpt from my favorite #Chicago poet Original Clyde Aidoo

*Vivid Dreams*

Leave her be.

Don’t you

ever wake a mental giant.

If you think she is before you and not off away deep in


Think again.

Her eyes are barely hanging on her own weaving words

while her mind is painting structures in clouds high with

soaring birds.

Her introspection draws a melody with a violet and vivid


Her wheels are rapidly turning,

all while

She stands in place to listen.

Leave her be.

Her ungrounded earth is filled with patterns


to you and me.

Her eyes are not parallel to this globe’s green static lines–

at first glance her thoughts are beneath it…

but when you stop and

Look Again:

Her mind is Clearly Above It.

(Copyright 2013, Original Clyde Aidoo)



I do believe there is someone out there for everyone.

There is a woman who can take the weight off

A burdened, oversized man.

A man who can make the most wary woman

Learn to trust again.

A woman who can turn a shy mute

Into the life that makes the party shine.

A man who could make a crippled woman–

Learn to walk Cloud 9.

A woman who won’t care what others think–

Even if the whole world says he’s too ugly.

A man who cares more about what’s inside

When she thinks she is short and chubby.

There are men and women

who if found,

Would take their liberties:

To free a tortured soul:

Of all insecurities.

And I believe there is a man for every woman.

There is a woman for every breathing man.

I assure you there is someone who’d care,

but for far too many

They are still out there.

(Copyright 2013, Original Clyde Aidoo)


These poems are from Art of Mind III: The Evolution of a Trilogy


Join me tomorrow as I interview Clyde about his poetry and other such things!!! You won’t want to miss it, he’s a hoot! 🙂


  1. Oh gosh… I might be in love with a new poet!
    He sounds dreamy… is he cute?
    *slaps hand*
    Sorry dirty poet in check now! hehe Can’t wait until tomorrow! 🙂

    Bad Penny


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