A couple of important things coming this week! #ASMSG

Other than my middle son’s 7th birthday and the possible end of the world… naw I’m kidding.


1. Starting Tuesday, December 18th until Thursday, December 20th, the Kindle version of First, I Love You will be ON SALE for only $.99!!! I’ll be tweeting like a fiend on those days promoting it. Your help would be appreciated but most importantly I hope to have your patience as I slightly spam your Twitter and Facebook feeds. šŸ˜›

2. Also on Thursday, December 20th, the Goodreads Giveaway of First, I Love You ends and then I will send out two free signed copies.

3.Ā Also, also, ALSOĀ on DecemberĀ 20th, I will start participating in the Christmas Giveaway at Reading Romances. I planĀ to give away 10 digital copies of First, I Love You in whatever format the winner chooses (Kindle, iBooks, Nook), and 2 lucky winners will get a signed paperback copy of BOTH First, I Love You and Second of All (after the January 1st release of course). You can click on the little flying books icon on the right to enter between the dates of December 20th to 27th.

4. We are also only two weeks away from the launch of Second of All. SO, after I get the FILY books in the mail I will start a Giveaway for Second of All only with a LOT more copies so I could use some help getting the word out to make such a giveaway successful. I will also start a Q&A on the Downey Trilogy after the release. Such things only work if I’m not talking to myself. *hint hint* *wink wink*

And in conclusion, a shout out to my super fantastic husband who got me these super swell planners to keep track of all these different projects AND my writing. He’s so… just really… wonderful. It must get exhausting dealing with my cluttered mind, but I called him when he was on a trip and I babbled and babbled and babbled about “and I need this and I need that and I just don’t know how to do this and that” and whine, whine, whine… and somehow he was able to translate this into normal people language andĀ bring me homeĀ the EXACT thing I needed when I was sure such a thing didn’t exist.



Hope you all have a fantastic week!



  1. He certainly is a keeper, Missy!!! I’m super stoked about your release… please email links to First, I Love you … I plug it into my bit.ly account, and help you on your quest for greatness! You will succeed! šŸ™‚


    1. Ok great. So far I only have made two and put them in my Tweetdeck scheduler. I am sitting down right now to make some more. I will share them with you and also post them on the ASMSG page.


  2. Behind every great woman is a great man. Is that right? šŸ™‚ These next few weeks are going to busy for me but I put it in my calendar to remind me not to freak out as you blowup my fb and twitter.


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